Nationwide Telecom delivers VoIP termination services to various destinations globally. The company provides reliability as well as high-quality termination at a competitive price. The company assures the customers to take care of all the hassles associated with wholesale VoIP services.

Nationwide offers efficient service on huge volume at a cost-effective rate. Nationwide has been operative in simplifying the wholesale VoIP termination process. The company offers a discount price on bulk purchases, however there is no compulsion on monthly purchase.

Nationwide Telecom includes wholesale termination services with reseller plans. Nationwide hosted private label VoIP soft switch incorporates automatic international DID as well as hosted PBX services.

The protocols and codecs which are supported by Nationwide Telecom’s network are listed below

  • G729, G723 and G711 codec.
  • SIP protocol.

The feature of Wholesale Termination Program includes

  • Control and management of 24x7 active call routing
  • Low rates on all destinations globally
  • Interconnected hundreds of carrier internationally.