Nationwide Telecom provides wholesale SIP Trunking which is a part of the portfolio of services provided by the company. It allows the customers to connect their communication system with PSTN through SIP trunks rather than using PRI trunk or analog lines. Such services utilises the standard functions of a SIP proxy server along with duplicated server features as well as SIP Trunking support. The entire set up is being done so as to create a highly reliable as well as highly scalable SIP communication network. Hence, the resulting network is very beneficial for audio-video conferencing, and also other kinds of collaboration solutions.

The business advantages that are offered by Nationwide Telecom Services are:

  • Communications that are based on standards: The Company’s SIP trunking is constructed around SIP norms, which enhances the expansion of an open architecture. Such architecture highly aids the integration of multivendor telephonic services.
  • Secure:The SIP Trunking of this Internet Telephone Company is highly safe coupled with customer authentication protection.
  • Evolutionary:Nationwide Telecom’s SIP Trunking supports SIP trunking for current company telephony endpoints, permitting existing analog, Digital, and IP stations to be addressable and able to communicate with their endpoints.
  • Availability: The Company’s Trunking service supports database duplication, server as well as multiple network paths in order to deliver a strong and reliable SIP infrastructure, which is designed especially for instant messaging applications and enterprise-class telephony.
  • Multi- Modal Communication: Nationwide SIP Trunking permits the employees of an organization to switch communication easily.