Nationwide Telecom as well as its affiliates are not supposed to sell, trade and disclose to any other party regarding the customers’ private information without the latter’s permission (apart from the case of search warrant, any legal process or in the situation where inability to disclose information may harm the customer or others). These comprises of information obtained from subscription, registration and services offered by Nationwide and its affiliate.

Through the usage of this website and submission of any private information, the customer provides consent to the accumulation and use of these details by Nationwide, its affiliates and subsidiaries or any other party possessing any sort of relation with the company. Nationwide can modify the terms and conditions of such an Agreement anytime. Notices issued will be effective from the date on which the changes will be posted on the website These modifications will become binding on the user on the date when they are posted on the website. The company will not issue any further notice required upon the user’s continued use of the Company’s service.

Collection and usage of Information:

When a customer registers for Nationwide’s products and services, he/she will automatically be providing his/her identification information to the company. Such personal information includes the user’s name, address, contact number, email address and other necessary information through which the customer can be identified personally. The customer will also be required to give demographic details such as age, region, choice of ISP and others. If the user buys Nationwide’s services and products on their site, the buyer will be required to provide financial details that includes credit card and account information. Nationwide Telecom Company will employ customer identifiable details for the purpose of marketing services and products to the user. However, the company will never disclose or share any of the customer’s personal details to any third party. If a buyer decides not to engage in direct marketing of fresh products or services from the company, that specific customer’s information will not be used to market new products.


Nationwide Telecom does not read, share or listen to any third party’s personal conversation, email, any other sort of communication which are transmitted through Nationwide’s services, unless needed to ensure correct operation of services or as authorised as by law.


The company has expanded a broad range of technologies as well as security features in order to assure the privacy of user information on the network. Added to this the internet telephone company has also laid down stringent operational rules in order to ensure that the user’s privacy is highly safeguarded at each level of the organization. Nationwide Telecom services shall keep on revising policies and also implementing more security features as an when the innovative technologies comes into picture.

Unlawful Activity:

The Nationwide Company can utilise customer’s identifiable details in order to investigate as well as facilitate the prevention of potentially unlawful activities, which poses threat to the integrity of service and network, or otherwise that violates the Company’s Service Level Agreement.