Nationwide Telecom provides DDI origination services and comprehensive VoIP DID to the prepaid calling card service providers, carriers and many more. The services have even been assigned to Internet Phone service providers and call centres all over the world, specifically Canada and Unites States. International and local virtual numbers offers the individuals to enable different numbers from various locations all over the world. Nationwide supports SIP protocol for their services.

The service offered by Nationwide provides you

  • A reliable service
  • Portability of the Local numbers
  • Inbound origination from multiple market segment
  • Decreases the necessity for Toll free number even though Nationwide delivers the facility
  • International presences

User friendly dashboard and internet-based controls allows the customers to activate multiple numbers over the nation and dynamically channel them. The main benefits of Nationwide include:

  • Reduces time-to-market
  • Deterge extra facility costs in various exchange areas
  • Reduce traffic management costs
  • Supports each and every payload sizes
  • Dynamic call routing